CS News – The Mobile App Revolution

Mobile App Revolution Will Change Your Life

I am not 100% sure that Cody has it totally right on this, but he does make some really good points.  Mobile apps are everywhere and smart phones are getting more and more popular.   My sons spend more time playing the game apps on my iPhone than I care to discuss.  I have a hard time even getting to use my phone as those dang kids always want to play Deadly Chickens or Goofy Gorillas or some other off the wall kids game.  They rarely play games on the computer anymore as they are always using my phone.
I have had my students work on iPhone games and Android games in the past and will continue that this year.  I am also going to utilize the Google App Inventor that was recently released a few weeks back.  The tie in to Scratch is nice and having an environment that is a bit simpler than Objective C will be nice.  The Android market is growing.  I also saw that DreamSpark has an option for Windows Mobile App creation now that could be useful as well.
We discussed Cody’s blog post today in my Computer Science classes and my students found it very interesting.  Many of them want to write apps for phones and quite a few decided to study Computer Science for that very reason.