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2016 AP CS 2 day workshop

Judy Hromcik and I will be conducting an AP Computer Science 2 day workshop on January 22-23 in Richardson, Texas.

We will cover the new AP CS A Labs, changes to the AP CS A exam, Tips to get all students to make a 5, and lots of general information about AP Computer Science A and a bit about AP CS Principles.

We will cover lots of cool AP Computer Science topics.
Download the agenda.

You can find registration information here.

Email me at stacey.armstrong@apluscompsci.com if you have questions.

Hope to see you there.


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A+ 2015 Curriculum Materials Information Posted

2015-2016 Curriculum Material Information is now posted.

The 2015 A+ Computer Science Curriculum will include many new updates.

Intro CS Curriculum Materials

More Python materials
Multiple Python versions will be supported.

AP CS Principles

Expanded CS Principles materials
Python and Scratch materials for CS Principles

AP Computer Science A

New Java Labs, Slides, and Tests
Current exam trends are always included in updates.
Expanded support for the New AP CS A Labs – Magpie, Picture Lab, and Elevens

Advanced Computer Science

Dynamic Programming Assignments and Materials