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Software Allows Rover to Think

I have a fond appreciate for the Mars Rover program.  Way back in 2001 I was afforded the opportunity to work with JPL and IBM to test the first Mars Rover before it lifted off for Mars.  A group of my former students at Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas worked with several other schools from around the world to test a Rover which was situated in the Arizona desert.  We issued commands to the Rover using a control panel we accessed via the internet and were then able to watch the Rover move based on our commands.  It was amazing as we were using a very early video streaming technology.

Software Allows Rover to Think

This article sheds light on how far the technology running on the Rover has come.  Our tech was not able to think back in 2001 and barely did what we asked after waiting for what seemed like a couple days.  Playing Quake over the web was pretty slow back then as well, but we made do.

US Dominates World RoboCup 2011

US Dominates at the 2011 World RoboCup

This is way more interesting than robots can sense emotion.
Kicking a ball and running around on a soccer field is way cool.
Well, they do not actually run, but kinda stagger and limp around.
Either way, it is pretty neat to see robots attempt to play soccer.
In a few short years, they will actually be able to run and play for real – just watch and see!
Check out the video of Adult size final!

Emotion Detecting Robots

Project Creating Robots that can Detect Emotion

Just what I need!
All I want is a robot that will pick up after my kids – that is it.
I am no way in need of one that knows when I am happy or mad – I would like to keep that info to myself.
Let’s stick the basics here and get a Roomba that actually works in stores and leave the emotional stuff out of the equation.
Just my 2 cents – for the emotional robots, I am not mad in any way, but I am a bit agitated.  🙂

CS News – Dancing Robots

Robots Can Dance

Robots can do everything these days apparently.  I thought I was a pretty good dancer until I saw this video.  These guys have moves.  We use robotics at my school as students really like designing the bots and making them do things.  We try to show these types of articles to the kids so that they can see what is going on with robotics more sophisticated than the Lego NXT kits that we use.  The Robo Soccer Dogs are also good examples.

CS News – How Big Will Robotics Be?

Will the Robotics Industry Be Huge in the Future?

It sure looks like the field of robotics and the robotics industry could be huge.  As the technology advances, I can see robots doing some really cool stuff.  Bill Gates was quoted a year or so back as saying he thought robotics would be the next big tech industry.  Really though – what does he know?
Check out some of the videos online for the Japanese robotics walking on the runways.  Those images are spooky as the robots look to be able to walk and run better than I can.  Not to say that I am the perfect example of running and walking, but I would like to think I was better at it than a robot.  After watching those videos, I am pretty sure I have mechanic competition on  the way.
My students and kids in general really do enjoy working with robotics.  They like building them and writing code to make them go.  Using robotics in class gets students excited and builds interest in Computer Science.

CS News – CMU Using Robots to Create CS Majors

CMU Using Robots to Create CS Majors

CMU is going to use the tremendous interest in robotics to get more students interested in Computer Science.  Many of us at the high school level have been doing this for years.  Students love working with robots due to the fact they can see the results of their ideas in action.  Robots move and act out the solutions to the problems that students create.  This is very engaging and exciting.  Elementary, middle, and high school students find robotics very engaging.  Using robotics also shows students another side of Computer Science that is very kinesthetic and social.  Two things that are often lacking in typical Computer Science classes.
Way to go CMU!