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NSA Recruiting

I like to talk to my students in Computer Science about career options and what and where they can do things later on life.
I had all of my classes take a look at the NSA recruiting page to see where NSA had needs.
They were very impressed that Computer Science and Computer Engineering were in high demand.
Several of my students have Cyber Security career ambitions so this is very good information for them to have.

CS News – Enigma Messages Go Digital

Enigma Messages Go Digital

It is hard to believe these records are still laying around in non-digital form, but they are.  Hopefully, not for much longer.

I find the Engima machine very interesting as I spend some time on Codes and Ciphers in my Computer Science classes.
Cap’n Dave Reed has some very nice materials on the Enigma machine on his site.

Student get much more motivated when they can see the relevance of what they are studying.
Pulling in real world topics and issues helps students see the relevance of Computer Science.