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CodeQuest and HP CodeWars Registration is Open

What are high school programming contests?

HP CodeWars Contest Registration is Open

Lockheed Martin CodeQuest Registration is Open

High School programming contests are team events where students from different schools attempt to solve as many problems as possible in a 2-4 hour time frame.  Most teams consist of 3 members and are allowed to use 1 computer.

Why should I take teams to programming contests?

Well, it is a great way to get more students interested in computer science.  It is great team building and it is a ton of fun.  If you have teams that win, that is even better.  Winning a contest or two can really pump up your stats on that college application.

Which contests are out there that my students can attend?

HP CodeWars is fun and growing every year with new sites popping up all over.
Lockheed Martin Code Quest is another contest with sites all across the planet.
Check out my contest page with links to many contests in Texas and beyond.

Can I get materials to help my teams prepare or to host a contest at my school?

Sure.   Check out my contest materials page for information on materials to prep for contests, live online programming problems, and contest hosting materials.  Hosting a local contest in your area is really fun and a great experience for students.  It is also a great way to promote Computer Science and get more schools involved.

If I have to give up lots of my time to get students ready to compete and to take them to contests, is it worth it?

It is very well worth it.  Contests are great opportunities for students to learn more about team work and problems solving.  Students learn many cool algorithms preparing for contests that often show up in technical interviews.  Several of my former students that have interviewed with big software companies were asked to explain how to solve problems in technical interviews that we worked on preparing for programming contests.  I have been fortunate to have coached several state championships in my 15+ year of coaching Computer Science teams.  Those experiences are well worth the time spent making that happen.

High School Computer Science Contests

Looking for a way to get kids excited about learning Computer Science?
Take your students to a programming contest.

Why?  They learn teamwork and how to problem solve under pressure.
Also, they get a chance to dominate the planet.  Who doesn’t like winning?

Check out HP Codewars and Codequest.

Also, ask your local colleges to see if they host a high school contest.
Many college ACM groups host high school programming contests.

A+ Computer Science Contest Dates Page

Host your own high school contest.  Why?  It is fun and you will be helping out others in your area.

Need help preparing your team for contests?  A+ has a ton of great stuff to help.
Want to host a local high school contest?  A+ has a ton of great stuff to help.

Email me at stacey.armstrong@apluscompsci.com and I will help you find a local contest or help you learn how to host one in your area.

Computer Science contests rock!

New Contest Prep Materials Info Posted

Information on all A+ Computer Science Contest Preparation Materials has been recently updated.  You can get information on new materials by visiting the A+ Contest Materials page.  Java 7 topics will be a bigger focus this year.

2013-2014 UIL Computer Science Topic List

The official UIL Computer Science written test and packet writer will be writing tests and packets again this year for A+ Computer Science.  The tests and packets will reflect the current test and packet style used by UIL Computer Science.  The content will also be similar, including the 5 open ended non-language specific questions at the end of each test.

I will be updating my contest dates page soon so send me an email if you dates already set in stone. The Houston area will kick off the programming contest season in early October.  7 Lakes will be starting it off once again this year.

2014 Houston Area Contest Dates
Oct 11 – Seven Lakes Kickoff Classic
Oct 16 – Dulles HS Contest
Nov 8 – Taylor Halloween Contest
Nov 15 – Clements Thanksgiving Contest
Dec 6 – Tompkins UIL Fall Meet
Dec 13 – Cy Woods Christmas Contest

UTD High School Programming Contest

The UTD High School Programming Contest is this Saturday the 13th.
Good luck to all competing.
The basic schedule is listed below.
There is still time to register if you are interested.
Contact Dr. Ivor Page if you want in on the fun.

10:40a Practice contest begins
11:30a Pizza and soft drinks for lunch (sponsored by Award Solutions)
12:00p Main Contest Begins

Sofware Developer Demand Growing

The demand for Software Developers will continue to grow and increase 22% by 2020.  I hope my students are listening and reading all of these articles I keep posting.

HP CodeWars is just around the corner.  It should be a good time.  My students have done very well over the last 3 years and we hope to keep that trend going in 2013.  If you are not near a HP CodeWars location, consider hosting your own high school programming contest.  Students love to crank code in a contest setting.