Comp Sci Skeelz

CS For All

I have posted about how everybody needs Comp Sci skeelz numerous times, but here is another link to another article discussing the same idea.

Learning how to solve a problem computationally is a really cool process and that experience will help students in many different ways.   How could it hurt?   Many of my students will get jobs or start companies that rely on computing power to conduct their everyday business.  Knowing a bit more about how these systems work and how they were built is a good thing.   Having the knowledge to build your own system or tell someone else how to build what you want is very useful.

Teaching students basic content early seems to me to be the best way to get kids hooked and interested so that they will continue on and gain the skeelz they will use and need for life.  Elementary school is the place to start and there are many tools you could use to get the ball rolling.  Scratch is one that works great!