Comp Sci Job Demand

It seems like I run across an article like this at least once a week.  Most of the articles are strictly about the demand for Computer Science graduates, but the demand for Cybersecurity professionals is just as high.  I spoke with a former student last week that has a Masters in a Cybersecurity related field and his career is going quite well.

I also had the pleasure last week of having lunch with 3 of my former students all of which are now in the Turing Honors Computer Science program at the University of Texas at Austin.  These students are all freshmen and have all received numerous internship offers for the summer.  The internship offers were all from highly respected companies with nice compensation packages.  Almost all of their classmates had multiple summer interships offers as well and all of their friends that recently graduated had a large number of job offers from which to choose.   It sounds like the UT Austin Computer Science program has it going on!

A friend just sent this video link which follows along the same lines as the rest of my post.

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