AP CS A Summer Institutes 2014

My Houston AP SI is in the books.  I had a very large and lively crowd.  The winner of the furthest travel was Daily who came all of the way from Nigeria.

We spent lots of time on arrays, arrays of references, lists, lists of references, matrices, matrices of references, interfaces, abstract classes, recursion, and the new AP CS A Labs.

Magpie, Elevens, and PictureLab are new and need to be examined before the 2014-2015 school year kicks off.  The updated A+ Computer Science Curriculum supports the new AP CS A Lab and it is ready for download.

We also did an extensive study of free response questions and went through many past year’s questions.  This is a good practice at workshops and in class.

Denver is up next in just over a week.  Hope to see you there.