AP CS A Exam 2013 Wrap-Up

Well,  Another AP Comp Sci Exam has come and gone and I can say that I am kinda sad, but not really.  My crew felt that exam was very familiar, but a bit more tricky than in years past.  I guess I agree with that considering I went over every single thing on the exam 50 plus times.

I have posted my solutions to the 2013 FR questions and a Java start-up project on my A+ site.

Each year I like to post some of the best make-me-laugh / make-me-writhe-in-pain comments heard 48 hours after the exam.  Here is my top 4 list for 2013.  Some of these really did make me cry and not from joy.

Numero Uno – “I know you said that we absolutely had to call part A on part B if it said to do that, but I just went ahead and rewrote my code from part A on part B – I think it mostly worked.”
[ Arggggggggghhhhhh! ]
Numero Dos – “The Grid is a matrix?   When did they change it to that? ”
[ Sneaky, they are. – say this in your best Yoda voice as it is way funnier that way. ]
Numero Tres – “There was a Song problem on the exam just like the one we did in class, but you made us process 10,000 songs and the exam example only used 20 songs.  I was so confused.”
[ I deleted all of the songs from my iPod except for 20. I am now a changed man. ]
Numero Quatro – “You said there would be a matrix of classes on the exam.  You were totally wrong as the test had a matrix of doubles.”
[ Yep, doubles are way more complicated.  Boustrophedon!  ]

I posted my predictions last week and I think I was spot on for the most part.  You can check out the post below.  I did predict a matrix of classes so technically, I was off by one on that one – OBOB.

Have a great summer!
All of those going to grading, have a great time and rock the grading!