AP Computer Science SIs – return;

All 3 of my AP SIs have concluded.  I had a great time at all 3 stops and look forward to doing a few summer institutes again next year.

This year, I started each SI with Scratch and Jeroo on the first day and then moved on to GridWorld and lots of Java.  I spent considerable time on arrays and ArrayLists as those topics constitute a huge part of the exam.  We worked with arrays and lists using graphics, games, and cross-curricular focused projects.

Time was spent discussing ways to show students how important Computer Science skills all to other disciplines and to students considering a degree other than Computer Science.  We read articles each day, like the ones I post here on this blog and discussed the relevance of talking about articles in class.

I just received a link to a great article about Stanford Computer Science and the changes they have made.  It is a great article and makes me feel great about many of the changes I have made to my curriculum over the last 3 or 4 years.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!