High School Computer Science Contests

Looking for a way to get kids excited about learning Computer Science?
Take your students to a programming contest.

Why?  They learn teamwork and how to problem solve under pressure.
Also, they get a chance to dominate the planet.  Who doesn’t like winning?

Check out HP Codewars and Codequest.

Also, ask your local colleges to see if they host a high school contest.
Many college ACM groups host high school programming contests.

A+ Computer Science Contest Dates Page

Host your own high school contest.  Why?  It is fun and you will be helping out others in your area.

Need help preparing your team for contests?  A+ has a ton of great stuff to help.
Want to host a local high school contest?  A+ has a ton of great stuff to help.

Email me at stacey.armstrong@apluscompsci.com and I will help you find a local contest or help you learn how to host one in your area.

Computer Science contests rock!