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What is NEW?

Curriculum for AP* Computer Science A supporting the AP* CS A Labs
Aligned with the new   AP* CS A CED 10 unit sequence

Sample Magpie Worksheet
Sample Picture Lab Worksheet
AP* CS A Labs Intro Slides

Curriculum for AP* Computer Science Principles including Python and Scratch projects

Python Lab
Scratch Lab

Email us if you wish to DOWNLOAD a SAMPLE with AP* audit approved syllabi.

New AP CS A Labs

  • In only my third year teaching AP* CS A, 100% of my students took the exam and our average score was 4.2.  Thank you so much for providing a thorough and challenging curriculum that does a great job preparing kids for the AP* Computer Science exam!        PM - Tennessee
  • A+ Computer Science Curriculum Packages

    Everything listed is included in all curriculum packages - startups, renewals, and multi-year licenses.

    Curriculum packages include the following items :
      *  Lab Assignments ( with startup files, descriptions, and solutions )
      *  Slides( with code samples and notes pages )
      *  Tests and Quizzes ( multiple formats provided including Word, Examview, Moodle, and Blackboard )
      *  Worksheets 
      *  Solutions and keys are provided

    Curriculum packages support the following courses :
      *  Introductory / pre-AP Computer Science
      *  AP* CS Principles 
      *  AP* Computer Science A  / Intermediate Computer Science
      *  IB Computer Sciencce / Intermediate Computer Science
      *  Advanced Data Structures, Games, and Graphics

    Programming languages / environments supported :
      *  Java, Python, Scratch, Alice, and Jeoo 

  • Complete Curriculum Materials Renewal (2019-2020 license)

    UPDATED for 2019-2020 - $365

    The license grants full access to all A+ Curriculum Materials for 1 campus for 1 year.

  • Complete Curriculum Materials Startup (2019-2020 license)

    UPDATED for 2019-2020 - $595

    The license grants full access to all A+ Curriculum Materials for 1 campus for 1 year.

  • Complete Curriculum Materials - 3 year (2019-2022 license)

    UPDATED for 2019-2020 - $915

    The license grants full access to all A+ Curriculum Materials for 1 campus for 3 years.

  • FREE set of Java M/C Practice Tests and Programming Packets with all 3 year license purchases!
  • All Access Package - ALL Curriculum, M/C Review Question Banks, and A+ Practice Problem Site - 3 year (2019-2022 license)

    UPDATED for 2019-2020 - $1445

    The license grants full access to all A+ Curriculum Materials, A+ Review Question Banks, and the A+ Practice Problem Site for 1 campus for 3 years.

  • Discount pricing is available for school districts purchasing licenses for multiple campuses.
    Please send an email with the specifics and a custom quote will be provided.
  • Virtual School / Online campus pricing is available.
    Please send an email with the specifics and a custm quote will be provided.


    UPDATED for 2019-2020 - $155.00

    More than 22 multiple-choice question banks, containing more than 1100 multiple-choice questions. 

    AP* Computer Science A, AP* Computer Science Principles, Data Structures, and UIL topics are covered.

    All banks comptiable with Word, Examview, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and Schoology!
    The banks can be easily printed and loaded into online course management systems.

    Topics covered include : Variables, Data Types, Operators, Ifs, Loops, Recursion, Number Systems, Bitwise Operators, Sorting and Searching, Boolean Algebra, Lists, ArrayList, LinkedList, Arrays, Sets, Maps, Graphs, Scanner, Stacks, Queues, Precedence, Split, Exceptions, Output / Printf, Generic Classes, Inheritance, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Heaps, Strings, Matches, Boolean Logic, Digital Electronics, and AP CS Principles Topics

    Each bank of multiple-choice questions provides a great way to review for the AP Computer Science exam and for UIL Computer Science contests.

    These M/C Review banks are not the same M/C banks included in the standard curriculum materials.    
    These M/C Reviews are included in the All Access Package with All Curriculum, M/C Review Question Banks, and Practice Site access..

    Multiple-Choice Review Question Banks Sample

    Live Online and Printable Programming Problems!
    (2019-2020 license)

    UPDATED for 2019-2020 - $155.00

    Online Practice Site loaded with tons of practice problems and tutorials.
    Problem sets can also be printed and worked locally in class.

    • Tons of NEW problems that focus on AP* Computer Science topics as well as numerous contest topics.
      Great practice and review for AP* Computer Science A and AP CS Principles!

    • Topics covered - Input, Output, Loops, Ifs, Strings, Nested Loops, Arrays, Lists, Matrices, Recursion, Mazes, Graphs, Maps, and Sets

    • Designed to demonstrate how to get started with simple programming processes and then move on to more advanced topics.
      Tutorials included covering basic concepts and advanced concepts for both Java and Python.

      •     New expanded tutorials with more examples!
      •     More simple problems added - Java and Python!
      •     Free Response Method / Function only problems!

    • Each topic has numerous problems presented that range in difficultly level, allowing all students to be successful.
    • Also included are tips and strategies that have teams all over the state to win numerous UIL State Championships.
      Teachers can login and monitor student progress.
    Problems can be solved in Java or in Python.

All A+ Computer Science Curriculum Materials are updated regularly to account for topic list / course description changes. Always consult the latest course description to make sure you are current.

All prices in effect 01/01/2019 - 12/31/2019

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Home School Computer Science Information

The A+ Computer Science materials work very well for home schoool computer science students. Self-paced style allows students to work at a comfortable pace. Engaging materials are challengely fun! more info

(Scratch, Alice, Jeroo, and Java)

Intro Computer Science / pre-AP* Computer Science

AP* CS A Audit approved syllabus new version with new AP* CS A Labs

Email us to access our AP* CS Principles Audit Approved Syllabus.

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