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Aplus CompSci Curriculum and Contest materials are made for teachers by teachers.   APlus CompSci has provided high quality Computer Science resources for teachers for over 18 years.  Over 25  years of Computer Science teaching experience guides the creation of all APlus CompSci materials.   Aplus CompSci, LLC has tremendous experience producing quality materials and providing customized teacher training.   

One of the best summer preps for teaching AP* Computer Science is to attend the AP* reading.  Experience serving at the AP* Computer Science A Reading for over seven years as a reader, table leader, and a question leader factors into the creation of all AP* Computer Science A materials..  The AP* reading is the best professional development available for AP teachers. Apply to be reader at -  apreader information

Serving on the AP* Computer Science Principles commission charged with creating a new AP CS Principles course that will hopefully help broaden participation in Computer Science factors into the creation of the APlus CompSci AP* CSP curriclum materials.    

APlus CompSci has provided quality customized teacher training and coding workshops for over 15 years including AP* Computer Science Summer Institutes, SIGCSE Sessions, UIL Conference Sessions, and TCEA Computer Educators Conference Sessions.  Week long, 2 day, 1 day, and half day Computer Science customized in house trainings can be requested.  

EMAIL us if you have questions or need assistance.

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