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My name is Stacey Armstrong and I am the author of this website, all A+ Computer Science Materials, and all posts and information on the A+ blog ( Why CS is Cool! ).  I have taught Computer Science and AP Computer Science in the great state of Texas for the past 20+ years.  A+ Computer Science has been providing contest materials, curriculum materials, and teacher training for over 15 years. 

One of the best summer preps for teaching AP* Computer Science is to attend the AP reading.  My first AP Reading was way back in 2000.  The AP Computer Science Reading is currently being held in Kansas City, Missouri.  

I have served at the AP* Reading for over seven years as a reader, table leader, and a question leader.  In my opinion, the AP* reading is the best professional development available for AP teachers. Apply to be reader at -  apreader information

On the AP* CS subject, I served on the AP Computer Science Principles commission charged with creating a new AP CS Principles course that will hopefully help broaden participation in Computer Science.  I also worked with a small group from the full commission to develop test items for the course.  

Serving as a Computer Science Teacher Trainer for over 15 years, I have conducted AP Computer Science Summer Institutes, 1 day and 2 day Conferences, SIGCSE Sessions, UIL Conference Trainings, and TCEA Computer Educators Conference Sessions.

I served for several years as a member of the ACM Education Policy Committee.  The ACM EPC works to ensure that computer science education is identified as a critical component of education policy.  The ACM EPC works very hard to expand participation in Computing.

I have sponsored/coached Computer Science teams for the last 18 years.  My teams compete in the UIL Computer Science contest and local Comp Sci contests all over the state of Texas.  During my 20 years as CS team coach, I have been fortunate to have coached 12 State Champions : 6 UIL Computer Science State champion teams, 3 UIL Computer Science individual champions, and 4 TCEA State Programming Contest champion teams.  Without a doubt, the contests are very rewarding experiences for both teachers and students.  Many of my former students continue to compete at the college level as members of ACM collegiate programming teams.

Along with sponsoring CS teams, I also serve as a member of the UIL Computer Science advisory committee and have served on the TCEA select committee for programming contests. 

I help host a Computer Science contest every year and work closely with many other schools to help them host contests.  I spend lots of my spare time every year helping to promote Computer Science contests and to get more and more schools involved in Computer Science contests. 

Below are pictures of my Cypress Falls teams from 2006 that were TCEA and UIL State Champions and my Cypress Woods 5A UIL State Champion from 2013!

tceastate 06
uil state 06 champs
5A UIL State Champs 2013

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