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“My students averaged a 4.2 on the AP* Exam with 100% pass rate with only 1 student scoring less than a 4 (and that student made a 3).  Hoping for more great success this year.”      JL

 “As always, I'm astounded at how much your curriculum helps me and my students out. Last year my scores were the best they had been in 2-3 years. They can still get better, and I keep trying to find ways to push my kids.“     PC

 Thank you so much for your materials.   AP scores came back awesome!!!!!    I have a 97.6% passing rate with a mean score of 4.48.   LL

- AP* Computer Science A

        - Expanded Scanner coverage - more file input labs and worksheets
        - NEW file input with Scanner big data projects
        - Expanded coverage of split() and regular expressions
        - Expanded game projects and labs
        - Complete coverage of all current CED concepts
        - Complete coverage of all propsed changes for 25-26

UPDATED and EXPANDED - AP* Computer Science Principles

         - NEW Python only curriculum pathway
         - Python and Scratch curriculum pathway 
         - Complete coverage of all CED concepts

UPDATED and EXPANDED - Python 3 Curriculum

        - NEW coverage of graphs and regular expressions
        - More coverage of Classes, 2D lists, Number Systems, and Algorithms
        - Data Structures  -  stacks, dictionaries, and binary search trees
        - AP CS A concepts covered

UPDATED and EXPANDED - Data Structures 

        - More Dictionaries, Maps, and Trees
        - More Graphs - BFS and DFS
        - Expanded coverage of regular expressions
        - NEW Advanced OOP early pathway with more game projects
        - Python and Java

UPDATED and EXPANDED - MC Question Banks

        - Over 2000 multiple-choice questions in 37 banks
        - AP CSP, AP CSA, Python, Java, and Data Structures
        - Moodle, Examview, Schoology, Canvas, Blackboard, and MS Word format

UPDATED and EXPANDED -  Practice Site - www.practice.apluscompsci.com

        - More problems and tutorials.
        - NEW online IDE built-in
        - Students can solve problems in Java or Python
        - Teachers can  login to track student progress.

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