A+ Computer Science 2017
Computer Science Workshops
and Conferences

This list includes AP* Computer Science workshops as well as general Computer Science workshops. These Computer Science workshops cover a broad range of topics and accommodate Computer Science teachers of all levels.

  • AP Computer Science 2 day
    San Antonio, Texas - Feb 17-18, 2017

    Lots of cool sessions covering all of the main AP* CS A topics.

  • AP* Computer Science Institute
    Region IV - Houston, Texas - August 2017

      This AP^ SI will focus on the essential elements needed to start and maintain successful AP Computer Science Program. This hands-on institute will start with the very basics and build from there. Participants will discuss best approaches to teaching Computer Science.

      Computer Science topics such as Abstraction, Looping, Decision-Making, List Processing, String Manipulation and Algorithmic Development will be covered. Core AP* Computer Science A topics will be thoroughly discussed and covered. Fundamental Computer Science concepts will be stressed the entire week.

      All participants will solve problems throughout the week.
      There will be sessions specifically for NEW Computer Science teachers with little or NO experience with programming and / or teaching Computer Science.
      There will be sessions for teachers of ALL levels as well. If you have never written a program and need to learn the basics, this workshop is for you. If you know some Computer Science concepts already, but need to learn more about AP Computer Science Free Response and M/C Questions, come on and join the fun.

    AP* Computer Science Institute


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  • A+ Computer Science Workshop Information
    A+ Computer Science Staff Development Information

    I will conduct Computer Science workshops for schools and school districts upon request. I can conduct half-day, full-day, and multi-day Computer Science workshops that can cover any AP Computer Science, UIL Computer Science, TCEA, and/or other general Computer Science topic or topics. If you are in need of Computer Science staff development, please send me an email stating the date and time and I will check my schedule.

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