A+ Computer Science
Testimonials and Results

THANK YOU SINCERELY for the amazing work you've done developing the A+ CS Curriculum package!!!   You are my lifesaver!!! Thanks to your resources, which I am using a second year now, I am surviving the demand of teaching AP CS with limited background in CS!

VZA  -  International School

First year teacher, 91% pass rate!  Could not be more excited about the curriculum.  Our valedictorian said "there wasn't anything on the test we didn't cover" (she got a 5, of course).  Thanks for your materials!
JK  -  Florida
In only my third year teaching AP CS A, 100% of my students took the exam and our average score was 4.2.  Thank you so much for providing a thorough and challenging curriculum that does a great job preparing kids for the AP Computer Science exam!

PM - Tennessee

The practice site is amazing is going to be a huge addition to both AP and UIL!  I've been able to incorporate it into both AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles because the problems come in both Java and Python and have different levels of difficulty.  Since each problem gives immediate feedback, it is much more useful than a typical homework assignment.  Thank You so Much!

PB  -  Texas

Thank you so much for your materials.
AP scores came back awesome!!!!!
I have a 97.6% passing rate with a mean score of 4.48.

LL  -  Texas

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