What is provided for an AP* Computer Science Principles class?

The A+ Computer Science curriculum provides full support for the new AP* Computer Science Principles course .

For AP* Computer Science Principles, slides, code examples, student activities, worksheets, tests, and quizzes are provided.
Solutions to all materials are provided. 

There are programming activities and lots of amazing activities that do not require programming.

For AP* Computer Science Principles programming assignments and artifact creation, Scratch and Python examples, slides, labs, and materials are included providing multiple platform support.  

Programming related performance tasks for AP* Computer Science Principles could be created in either Scratch or Python.      Scratch Lab

A+ Word Cloud Project

Lots of hands on AP* Computer Science Principles activities are included which provide students with numerous opportunities to use technology to create really cool digital artifacts.

Each AP* Computer Science Principles topic has many different activities  which alllows students of all learning styles to experience success and show mastery.  

The vast amount of activities provided for AP* Computer Science Principles allows greatly flexibility and more opportunities for differentiation.  

Detailed slides with notes pages are provided to thoroughly cover each topic. Examples are provided for programming topics.  Students can open and experiment with the examples to better understand the concepts being covered.    Cross-curricular slides are provided for AP* Computer Science Principles where applicable.     

Python Slides

PDF With Instructions to Set Up Python

Tests are provided for AP* Computer Science Principles in numerous formats, including MS Word, Examview, Canvas, Schoology, and Moodle.  

Tests will include multiple choice and some short answer questions.  M/C test questions will include questions based on released AP* CS Principles exam questions, including the AP* Computer Science Principles pseudocode language.  

Some M/C questions and short answer questions will require code writing and analysis and some will require written responses that do not include code writing.

AP* Computer Science Principles Audit approved syllabi is provided.
Email us to get access to sample materials and sample audit syllabi.    

Scratch lab

AP* Computer Science Principles

Computational Thinking Practices

    1.  Connecting computing

    2.  Creating computational artifacts

    3.  Abstracting

    4.  Analyzing problems and artifacts

    5.  Communicating

    6.  Collaborating

AP* Computer Science Principles
Big Ideas

1.       Creativity

2.       Abstraction

3.       Data and Information

4.       Algorithms

5.       Programming

6.      The Internet

7.    Global Impact

Email us if you want to access samples or have questions or comments     stacey.armstrong@apluscompsci.com    APlus CompSci Info

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