What materials are provided for an introductory or pre/AP Computer Science class?

The A+ Computer Science material packages include materials that can be used to teach an introductory computer science course; such as, a first Computer Science course or pre-AP* course.

Syllabi are provided that detail using the materials to teach a stand-alone introductory computer science course as well as docs detailing how to use the materials to teach a pre-AP* class followed by an AP* CS class.

Languages and environments supported for intro CS / pre AP^ are Java, Python, Scratch, Jeroo, and Alice.  

Numerous labs are provided for Scratch, Alice, Jeroo, Python, and Java. Each topic has many different assignments which alllows students of all learning styles to experience success and show mastery.  The vast amount of lab assignments allows greatly flexibility and more opportunities for differentiation.  Having multiple language support allows teachers to create course sequences tailored to their student needs and experience levels.  

Several projects are included that have multiple steps which end with a fully functional game, animation, or simulation.  These large projects are great for students as they teach the skills needed to build a real game or app.


Java may be the preferred language if the intro course leads into an AP* CS A course.   Full support for an intro Java course is provided.    Slides, examples, labs, quizzes, tests, worksheets, and tons of labs are included.

Java Lab1

Java Lab2

Java Slides

Semester 1 Syllabus - Java Only

Semester 2 Syllabus - Java Only

Alice materials are included that can be used in an introductory Computer Science class as well as in an pre AP* Computer Science class.  Alice is a great tool that allow students an opportunity to ease into Computer Science.  Alice is an interactive programming language that gets kids excited and teaches them important concepts in a more student-friendly environment.  Alice works very well to teach introductory concepts and some advanced concepts.

Jeroo is another great teaching tool.  Jeroo materials are included which could be used in any and all Computer Science classes.   Jeroo is a very nice environment that has students write some Java code, but not pure Java.  Jeroo is a great bridge environment before moving into pure Java.  Jeroo works very well to teach introductory concepts and advanced concepts and supports Java, Python, and Visual Basic syntax.

Scratch materials are also included.  Scratch is a great tool that can be used to teach Computer Science concepts to elementary school students, middle school students, and high school students.  Variables, ifs, loops, methods, parameters, and list processing can be taught via Scratch.  Scratch is great for first time students and has lots of options.  

Scratch 2.0 materials are also now included which allow students to learn the basics of abstraction, block creation, and parameter passing. 

All of the Scratch materials will work just fine with Snap as well.

Scratch Lab1

Scratch Slides

The following are introductory computer science / pre-AP* syllabi that use Scratch, Alice, Jeroo, and Java.

1st Semester Pre/AP* Syllabi Using Scratch, Alice, Jeroo, and Java

2nd Semester Pre/AP* Syllabi Using Scratch, Alice, Jeroo, and Java

Full support for Python 2.x and 3.x  is also included.  Labs, slides, examples, tests, worksheets, and quizzes are included.  Solutions for all items are provided.  

Having support for two text-based programming languages provides teachers with options on how they wish to procede through their intro course.  Python is much simpler language to learn for studentst that are new to Computer Science.  

Python Lab1

Python Lab2

Python Slides

PDF With Instructions to Set Up Python

The following are introductory computer science / pre-AP* syllabi that use

Scratch, Jeroo, Python, and Java 

1st Semester Pre/AP* Syllabi Using Scratch, Jeroo, Python, and Java

2nd Semester Pre/AP* Syllabi Using Scratch, Jeroo, Python, and Java

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