Labs - Programs

Hundreds of lab assignments are included in the A+ Computer Science Curriculum materials packages.    There are lots of programs to build.

Languages supported include Java, Python, Scratch, Alice, and Jeroo.

Unique programming lab sets are included for Java, Python, Scratch, Alice, and Jeroo.  Assignments are unique for each language.

Each lab includes a document describing the assignment, just like those posted on this site.  For each lab assignment, a startup file is provided for the students to complete.  The startup files contain the basic structure for each lab.   The students have to flesh out the lab skeleton and build the code to solve the problem.  

Solutions are provided for every lab assignment.


Most topics have multiple programming labs.  The more different assignments, the more options at the teacher's disposal.  Teachers have lots of different students and need lots of different options for assignments.  

Java Lab 1
Java Lab 2
Jeroo Lab

Scratch Lab

Python Lab1
Python Lab2


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