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CS Ed Week Pledge

Take a minute to read the following message and then go out and pledge your support for CS Ed Week!


We are wrapping up the third annual Computer Science Education Week (December 4-10), but there’s still time to pledge your principled support for CSEdWeek (no $ required). It takes less than a minute to do so:
Why does it matter? It’s crucial that policy makers and the general public see there is grass-roots support for computer science education. Your pledge helps us demonstrate that support.

If you’re participating in some activity in support of CSEdWeek’s mission, please take the second step in pledging and tell us about it. It doesn’t even have to happen during the week; you can pledge anything you’re doing any time to promote computing or support computer science education.

And, if you only have five minutes to do something in support, here are some ideas on how you can turn those five minutes into support for K-12 computer science education:

Thanks in advance for your pledge … it’s important for our future.